User Feedback Widget Screenshots

The User Feedback widget provides a way for your end-users to submit bug reports at anytime. Now, your end users can now provide more detailed feedback when submitting bug reports with the addition of screenshots. The User Feedback widget now has an Add Screenshot button which allows users to take a screenshot of their page. After taking a screenshot, the built-in cropping tool allows users to focus on what matters most or cut out any sensitive information effortlessly. docs-user-feedback-2.png docs-user-feedback-3.png

Screenshots submitted by your end-users will utilize your attachments quota, with all plans coming with a generous 1GB allocation, accommodating approximately 2500 screenshots.

This feature is available on JavaScript SDK (or related framework) version 8.0.0 or higher and is enabled by default.

Please share any feedback or questions you have in GitHub or drop us a line in Discord.